How Will Google Now Affect SEO?

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  • May 10, 2013,

How will Google Now

Google is constantly making efforts towards improving the way users search for information online. While it seems like Google has already put things in place, it still plans to take it all to the next level with its latest launch ‘Google Now’. Despite released a year ago, Google Now, in its early days, failed to get the much needed attention as the service was only available for devices running on Android Jelly Bean and above. However, the app is now available on App store, and this is most likely to add up to its overall popularity.

Google Now may not currently be the most effective search tool, but surely seems a bit different from the rest. The app keeps you informed on almost everything – weather, traffic, flight timings and a lot more. Now, how is all of this possible? Google Now keeps an account of your search patterns and accordingly offers you the most suitable information when you need it the most.

Of course, the amount of information and suggestions offered are limited but Google promises a much better integration in future, thereby making searches a lot simpler. With all of that being said, how is Google Now affecting Search Engine Optimization? No doubt Google is trying hard to raise the bar by implementing the most sophisticated predictive search capabilities. But, that’s not pushing the traditional SEO on the backseat. In fact, the present-day SEO best practices will play a key role in ranking up high in mobile searches.

SEO is largely surrounded by a bundle of misconceptions and suspicious practices. Take for instance external links. Many believe that the number of external links to your website determines its ranking. Google Now is expected to fix all of this. Google Now will shoot up results based on geo-location, personalization, public sources and the user’s search history. To be more specific, Google Now will fetch the information based on your searches, location, Gmail account, Google +, Google Finance and Google Calendar. So, links no more get to enjoy the center stage. The presence of Google Now does not mean you get to do away with SEO. Instead, one needs to be more specific when optimizing a website.

How do you make the most out of Google Now? Unlike a decade ago, a decent number of individuals, if not all, prefer using mobile devices to surf the internet, and the number is only likely to rise with a tremendous fall in the device prices.

For now, the app is only limited to mobile devices, but may reach desktops in the near future. So, how do you deal with that? You need to have a thorough understanding of your customer’s regular interactions across numerous devices and channels. Google products are solely responsible for showing up the information your customers need. So, make sure you rightly optimize Google’s social networking platform.

For best results, seek the assistance of a professional SEO company. SEO services in India are highly affordable and capable of offering the most desirable results. However, a right amount of research is essential when looking for a professional SEO company.

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