News:Hugefly – The first ecommerce company to employ NLP technology

By Logicserve News Desk

  • December 22, 2015,

Hugefly @logicserveDigi

Hugefly Technologies, a Pune based ecommerce start-up, has become the first ecommerce company to integrate NLP technology (Natural Language Processing) in India. Keeping the NLP as the base, Hugefly has come up with a software that would make search experience for the users better. The start-up has also launched an ‘image search feature’ providing a next level solution for thousands of shoppers.

NLP, a field of computer science, is a technology that is related to human-computer interaction. Intelligent apps like Cortana and Siri work on NLP.

COO of Hugefly, Amit Chaudhari, said that the difference between how humans understand and how computers do is the major challenge in the NLP. Unlike the traditional computers that understand ordinary keyword matching, NLP machines learn algorithm and understand the search query’s holistic context.

The ‘image search feature’ will allow the shoppers to simply click the product picture they are searching for in the newspaper or magazine, and get the most appropriate results for the search, saving a lot of time.

With this technology, Hugefly aims to make tech-enabled solution for e-tailers, save search time of the users, and provide relevant and customised search results on real time basis.


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