Improve Your PPC Performance with a Few Ad Copy Tests

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  • October 1, 2012,

Improve Your PPC

To get the most out of your PPC campaigns, it is important that you create the best quality ad copy. A lot goes into preparing an ad copy that is capable of offering you the most desirable results. Many prefer experimenting too much while creating an Ad Copy. Well, that sounds OK to some extent, but then you have a few rules and some boundaries. Ad Copies that you create for a specific vertical may not work well for another. Listed below are a few simple tips that can help you develop a highly effective PPC ad copy.

Know the Competition

Find out what your competitor is up to. Is your Competitor doing better than you? If yes, check out his Ad copy. If its focusing on the ‘price’ factor, make sure you do the same. But, what if your competitor is offering better prices? Talk about the customer service you offer rather than the price. It is very crucial to keep a tab on what others have in their minds or else you may by far miss out on your sales.

Public Testimonials

There are chances people might like the services or the product offered by your company and therefore may provide a positive feedback on the same. Why not make good use of this feedback? But, make sure you keep it short and simple, and don’t just exaggerate too much or else you may probably not sound real. Just a sentence or two is good enough to get you what you want.

How are you different?

Before opting for the service you offer, the customer would definitely want to know what your USP is. Therefore, it is important that your ad copy has some of your service benefits listed. But, again don’t just go blah blah. Get to the point. Why only you? Customers are always in search of the best. So, it pays to inform them about your speciality.

Include That Keyword

Is your ad copy having keywords from your ad group? If not, do it right away. There are times when you forget to use keywords from your ad group just because you were too busy focusing on the benefits and the branding part.

Match the headlines

To be more precise, try matching your ad headline to your landing page headline. If not same, try having a headline that is close to or quite similar to that of the landing page. Why so? This will make the searchers feel that they have indeed landed up in the right place. In this way you keep them from bouncing off.

Use punctuation

You cannot just use any punctuation on your ad copy. Goggle doesn’t allow you to do that. However, you may use one exclamation point and your copyright or registered trademarks.

So, with all being said, it is time for your PPC company to do a little bit of hard work, thereby helping you get the best sales and ROI.

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