Insights to accelerate social interaction through blogs – Crucial for SEO (Part -1)

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  • February 4, 2014,
SEO @LogicserveDigi

SEO @LogicserveDigi

Currently, blogging is one of the most preferred online marketing techniques. In fact, a business blog proves to be a vital channel for reaching out to your audience. It helps in educating them, updating them on your latest products and services, interacting with them and take the engagement to the next level. By doing so, you can be considered as an expert authority on the subject and even increase brand engagement.

In fact, popular bloggers have known to attract millions of subscribers especially if their posts are insightful and build up the required level of interest. To begin with, bloggers need to write interesting blogs and share them with readers/bloggers that rely on your expertise and knowledge. In fact, these bloggers and writers would relate to your post and share them with others as well. In this manner, more readers/subscribers can visit your blog and website.

Popular blogs are known to witness regular traffic of visitors which in turn can enhance the SERPs of the blog/website. Here are a few tips which can be used to make sure the blog is on the right track (from the SEO perspective) :

  • Impeccable writing skills with a passion for writing ensures that maximum number of people subscribe to the blog
  • Try to develop a biased blog which offers subtle entertainment and relevant information
  • Try remaining on the positive side of the story. Even though blogs with a negative view point attract attention, they are not quite likely to offer the right audience you may be looking out for.
  • Try to be niche as far as possible to attract maximum readership
  • Whilst displaying the content, make sure it is well segregated into sections, tags and quite readable as well. Inserting images with suitable titles, interesting videos and other interactive information helps to capture the required level of attention.
  • By incorporating the RSS Feed, the blog gets crawled faster and minimizes the risk of duplicate content

These simple tips can help you in the long run. Blogs offer a wonderful opportunity to interact with like minded personalities but do be cautious when doing so. A few essential guidelines as mentioned below could prove helpful when interacting through blogs –

  • Be regular in writing and posting blogs
  • Encourage popular bloggers to read and post their comments on the blog
  • Expand your authorship across many blogs
  • Encourage feedback and even give your feedback
  • Be positive when you receive negative feedback
  • Marketing through blogs has to be your second initiative especially after your blog establishes its own identity.
  • Host a blog on a site that accelerates the trust of the domain you are promoting.

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