Instagram Introduces Story Search for Locations

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 26, 2017,
Source : Social Media Today

In the purview of Snapchat adding the new search functionality for the stories, Instagram followed pursuit and it is now giving the users the ability to search stories based on location and hashtag through their Explore section. Apart from the search functionality, Instagram has also rolled out the hashtag stories on Explore using the recently added customizable hashtag stickers, which is aimed to collect publicly posted images on the given subject.

Source : Social Media Today

Since both the functionalities are based on the use of stickers in Stories, the content available at a certain time will be limited but users can search for content from around the world, which would provide some varied discovery options. Whilst, the new feature has similarities, there are a few key differences. First and foremost, in terms of search, the Snapchat allows the users to search for any keyword and since the Instagram feature utilizes machine learning and a combination of identification factors, the users would be able to find more relevant results. On Instagram, the users would need to search dedicated hashtag or location and the app will feature only the posts which has the tags within the stories content.

There are many difference in terms of how the applications choose content for listing. In Snapchat, the users have to opt-in for having the content included in the public listing, however, on Instagram, you would have to opt out.

Source : Social Media Today

In terms of marketing potential, the new update provides wider exposure and the content show will be more relevant for those looking to tap into local markets. In a recent study conducted by Instagram, about 67% travel enthusiasts using the platform use it to find inspiration for new travel destinations and 61% of the users find new things to do while they are travelling.


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