Can Ads talk to you?

By Team Logicserve

  • January 21, 2016,
Twitter conversational ads

Well with the recent twitter announcement, it seems like we’ve stepped into the year of greater user experience and brand engagement. Twitter newly introduced a concept called as the conversational ads which aims to surge the brand presence a notch higher. These promoted tweets in a new avatar emphasize mainly on customer engagement with modified hashtags to create a significant brand presence. These conversational ads, pioneered by twitter, encourage a dialogue between the consumer and a company to help strengthen their brand presence.

With these ads, brands can conduct a poll with two different answers to choose from, each of them integrated with customizable hashtags and a call-to-action button for a greater user engagement.

Now there is much more to scrolling down on ads and just ignoring it. This feature lets you engage, share and promote ads. A simple tap on the call to action button will open up a tweet composer which will include the pre-populated brand message along with the hashtag buttons.

Twitter conversation

Customers can now modify these messages with their own words and tweet it out to their followers thus promoting a particular brand.

Twitter conversation ads

‘As a thank you, the consumer then receives a message from the brand for having engaged with the Tweet,’ explained Bragdon.

Twitter conversational ads

The final step of the interactive ad appears to the user on their timelines, which will be incorporated with the brands original photo or video along with the user’s personalised message.

Twitter conversation ad

Positive outcomes:

Andrew Bragdon, Twitter’s Revenue Product Manager shares their beta partner’s experiences on using conversational ads.

“As one of the first global brands to use Twitter’s new conversational ad unit, we’re excited by the opportunity to initiate more meaningful conversation. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to continuously evolve our social media engagement strategies to help our fans get closer to the Samsung Canada brand.”

Twitter conversational ad

Mark Childs CMO, Samsung Electronics Canada

Twitter teams up with Lifetime to test the creative conversational video ad unit for an upcoming premiere.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Twitter as a partner to launch the conversational video tool for the upcoming premiere of our new series, ‘Pitch Slapped’ on January 5th. The Tweet features voting buttons encouraging fans to engage with our creative and is a perfect match for this campaign.”

Marissa VinciGuerra, Director of Social Strategy for Lifetime

Twitter conversational ads

These ads are being made available for certain advertisers in a beta and twitter invites everyone to try it out soon.

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