Key Nuances of PPC Advertising and PPC Management

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  • April 2, 2012,

PPC Advertising rapidly gaining preference for those businesses who wish to expand their market across the online horizons.  Performance of PPC advertisements can be monitored in greater detail on a frequent basis enabling them to be modified in a manner as desired by the client and the PPC company monitoring the entire campaign.  At the same time, there are some key factors which need to be remembered for a slight flaw in the campaign could bring in disastrous results.

Key Nuances of PPC Campaign which should be always borne for ensuring its success include –

Relevant Targeting – It makes sense to target areas relevant to the scope and size of the business.  Most local businesses are likely to enjoy better ROI if they target areas which they can conveniently reach and serve out to say within 20 – 50 miles of their radius. On the other hand, large businesses can expand their range as per their products and services, capacity, goals and budgets if they have the budget and manpower to do so

Relevance of Match Types – In depth knowledge of Match Types is essential for getting better returns. As you all know PPC Ads are made of words entirely which are displayed as the search engine queries. You can place your ads as per these categories which include Exact Match, Phrase Match, Broad Match and even Negative Keywords.  The PPC Company and its experts will be able to monitor the entire campaign for attaining the desired results.

The Concept of Negative Keywords – Negative keywords are used to filter out the modifiers which at times are accompanied by broad and match phrases which could drain out your ad budget without actual results. Hence, use of negative keywords is an absolute must which you can easily implement through the search engine’s PPC campaign.

Campaign Spread – Despite Google Adwords being synonymous with online marketing, you can also check out other marketing networks which include Bing, MSN and so on which are equally user friendly and cost effective.

Keyword Selection – Keywords should be so selected that they are quite specific and relevant. At the same time, in depth attention should be paid to the popularity of the keyword, its costs and the ROI factor. It does make sense to narrow down the selection of the keyword and enhance the prospects of your ROI.

User Landing – For any marketing campaign to be successful, it is necessary to study, research and testing are extremely crucial.  For being accurate, you need to offer users with just what they wish to view on their computer screens along right quality of ads. This implies your ads have to be attractive enough to be clicked and when clicked the user should land on the relevant page which displays the ad related information which could be context, images, text and call to actions etc.

Testing of Ads– In order to get a fair estimate of the performance of the campaign, it is essential to test the ads at regular intervals. At the same time, in event of new offers, freebies and discount deals, it does make sense to check out their performance on basis of clicks and conversions. For this, one has to be really thorough in rules and performance pattern of the PPC campaigns.

Conversion Tracking – It is through conversion that returns on investment and performance of ads can be monitored in greater depths. It does make sense to modify campaigns as per the results derived from the tracking and take the campaign to the next level of success.

Selecting the right PPC Company becomes extremely essential for successful online marketing campaign and ensures that the brand image of the company is also maintained in the desired manner.


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