Keyword Research : Basic Steps leading to a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign.

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  • March 12, 2009,


As you all know that content is the king for any website…. And for any campaign to be a successful hit, most attention has to be paid to it. Thoroughly researching the site for keywords which earn good traffic and their effective placement becomes crucial and extremely important. If proper efforts are taken in this direction, the chances of earning good traffic are excellent and well rewarding….

While planning on the keyword research strategy, thinking from a layman’s point of view is extremely crucial and at times gives though provoking insights into your campaign. As you prepare a list of keywords both primary and secondary, you can enlist the aid of keyword research tools too.  The keyword research tools give you a list of most popular searched words and phrases in relation to your primary and secondary keywords as you have entered in the tool search box.

It would be better option to take up the keyword research exercise through some reliable and exhaustive keyword research tools such as Google Adwords Keywords Tool, Google Suggest, Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool and not to miss out on Wordtracker

Let’s begin with Wordtracker which was launched in 1997 by Andy and Mike Mindel aided the marketing campaigners to gain valuable insights about the keywords researched in relation to their websites and also display the competing sites too along with high fetching traffic keywords and phrases. Most searched for keywords are referred from Dogpile and Metacrawler.

The Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool is equally wonderfully, as it shows you a compiled report of keyword data available on numerous search engines.  Here, you can take into account not only generic keywords but also industry keywords which reflect dynamism as well.

The Google Suggest tool generates 10 other related keywords as per the word entered in the tool box. Google Suggest makes use of algorithms and does its level best to predict what the users would like to see and hence it displays a plethora of suggestions which you can scroll over and select.

On the other hand you can take also study the keyword research from Google Adwords : Keyword Tool which takes into account multiple entries of keywords and phrases offering you a wider overview of the keywords or phrases that you have entered.

Furthermore, when you subscribe for a particular keyword research tool, you can enjoy much more vital information and statistics about the keyword, its value and its performance in relation to your website. This feature will enable you to take strategic decisions which will further intensify your social media marketing campaign.

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