Limitations of Google AdWords To Consider While Planning A Marketing Campaign

By Logicserve News Desk

  • September 22, 2017,

It is common marketing knowledge that Google incorporates certain settings in AdWords for targeting that enable various businesses to adjust landing pages, ad copies and bids to suit the requirements for particular demographic areas. This method is based on purchasing power, gender, age, etc., of individuals to improve the experience for them, eventually leading to an improved marketing campaign.

Despite its many benefits, AdWords has its limitations that may make it harder to achieve the desired results when targeting specific demographic areas. These limitations are discussed below:

  • Lack of proper algorithm to target the correct audience group

Usually, there are two kinds of keywords that people search online – one is a broad keyword, and the other is a longtail keyword. Broad keywords are short like ‘AC services’ and thus target a wider audience. Longtail ones like ‘AC services in New York’ may target only the area of New York City. Thus the problem arises here in choosing a keyword by a user to find you. If your business is bound to the regions of New York only, then ads that show AC services in other cities would be irrelevant. Here the flaw is either you target broader keywords or longtail ones that target specific areas. But, both have their own cons such as wastage of money, lack of potential customers due to an irrelevant keyword search.

  • Waiting for analysis every day

Another major flaw with AdWords is that you will have to wait for results to be analysed each day to monitor your ads. Any conclusion that may give you an idea of what your next step should be, usually consumes time. You have to patiently wait for Google Analytics to bring out accurate data revealing the potential visitors who interacted with your ads. Moreover, analysis of a particular ad requires at least 200 clicks. But, this also varies depending upon the keyword. Above all, you are forced to pay even at the time of waiting for Google Adwords, and this makes it frustrating.

  • Need of assistance

While setting up an account for AdWords is not that hard, maintaining it, in the long run, may require extra hands. Setting up a marketing campaign for targeting calls for an extensive research that may not be managed on your own. If you lack experience, then you will need an expert to help you out. You may need an expert to monitor the keywords list daily, analyse the graph based on specific parameters, modify your campaign if needed. Also, the analysis takes time as discussed above, so you will have to be patient for the desired results.


No doubt there are many other limitations to the use of Google AdWords that may affect your business. To make sure that your marketing campaign is not left out in vain, you definitely require a proper setup that optimises the time invested, money spent, and the experts involved. If you lack any of these three fields, then it is better to avoid starting a campaign and expect results.

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