News : LinkedIn reaches 50 million user base in Asia Pacific region

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  • February 13, 2014,
LogicNews @LogicserveDigi

LogicNews @LogicserveDigi

With almost 227 million globally LinkedIn has about 24 million users in India. With a strong presence in India, it has been able to hit the 50 million user base in the Asia Pacific region.

Some other facts :

  1. LinkedIn’s user base has nearly tripled in the region since May 2011

  2. The previous year, LinkedIn user base in India grew by 7 million

  3. The top industries included IT and services, financial services, telecom, computer software and pharmaceuticals

LogicSpeak :

Over the past few months, LinkedIn has introduced a marketing guide, and has been constantly sharing tips to promote brand’s online. With the introduction of company pages, and showcase pages they have paved way for every brand to promote their identity effectively.

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Google adding real-time brand metrics for brands in its ad-technology

Google announced yesterday that it will integrate comScore in its ad-technology. This integration will give the brands an opportunities for both publishers and advertisers to monitor if their campaign is reaching out to the right TG.

The integration will give marketers a chance to look into some real-time optimisation, which can help them analyse and look at making the necessary changes.

LogicSpeak :

With the integration of comScore Ad-measurement technology Google is trying to crack brand-measurement. Digital Brand Advertising budget may grow by 60-70% taking the total spend to $30 billion by 2017. Direct responses may go between 25%-30%. For big brands this is a boon as they will also have independent data to measure campaign performance. comScore integration should help Brand marketer to assess the effectiveness of their campaign more accurately & refine it further.

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