LinkedIn Rolls out New Layout for Desktop Computers

By Logicserve News Desk

  • April 13, 2017,

One of the most popular professional networking sites, LinkedIn, recently has been garnering wide attention among its users for rolling out its new layout for desktop computers. If are a social media buff, you may argue, that the roll out is quite an old news and that it came out in January (we wouldn’t disagree at all). However, not many people would know or noticed that the lay out has been rolled out in phases and if you have noticed any difference in the way your profile looks, you soon will; the change will apply to all accounts.

If you are intrigued to know about how the new layout is going to look like, here we list down some of the most prominent changes been introduced. But, before we begin to jot down the pointers, let us tell you that the change has been brought about with the aim to keep conversations and content right at the center for the users.

Source : Social Media Today

The News Feed

This has been the biggest change introduced in the new updated, which has also been the most criticized aspect of the update for it has a striking resemblance to the new feed of Facebook. Several users have corroborated that the feed look too old school and is not very user-friendly. Just like Facebook, the updated feed will show the users all the new posts from their connections and allow them to like, share or comment on the posts.

Universal search box

LinkedIn has now got a new universal search box at the top of the page, which allows the users to look for anything they want; you can look for connections, jobs, non-connection professionals and/or keywords. Another key thing to note is, the platform has improved the search functionality to deliver more relevant and accurate results

Real-time messaging

In today’s digital age where real time action has become the order of the day, LinkedIn is not lagging far behind and with the new messaging feature it allows the users to send chat with connections in real-time.

Better recommendations

LinkedIn claims that it has now improved the recommendations feature to provide the users more relevant suggests for new connections, ads and jobs.

Better navigation

From the user’s perspective, LinkedIn has made a few changes to make the navigation easier; the front page is now divided into seven different area vis-à-vis Home, Search, Jobs, Messaging, Notifications, My Network, and Me.


Earlier only the premium users could see who has checked their content, the feature is now extended to the free members.

Speaking about rolling out the new changes, LinkedIn said that the layout is aligned with the presentation of the mobile application. Whilst, the users have been pretty critical about the changes being similar to Facebook, one that separates it from Facebook is that it does not define users’ expectations rather it has stayed true to its business orientation. The questions remains, how do users make the best use of the new layout to their benefit? Here is how you can:

  • Till now interacting with the connections was rather confusing, but now with the new layout, it is going to easy to like and/or comment on the new posts. You can use this to reach out to more number of people and as you like or comment on other’s post, it is likely that they would return the favor
  • Just as easy as it for you to see others’ posts, they too can see your posts easily. This implies that regular posting on LinkedIn will be more beneficial as more professionals are likely to see it and give you maximum visibility and exposure. If you want to post any longer write-ups, you simply to click on ‘Write an Article’ tab
  • The profiles that are regularly updated natural get more views. Adding your key skills will optimize your chances to attract new potential clients or employers
  • The new layout is sure to add a new dimension to the social media marketing strategies, if LinkedIn never featured in your schemes of marketing things, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the revamped site and widen your reach


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