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Managing Pay per Click Advertising

By Prasad Shejale

  • April 1, 2008,

Pay per Click is a lucrative marketing strategy which can be you business booster if properly managed. There are certain factors important to run a successful and profitable pay per click campaign.

The primary aim of a pay per click campaign is to attract potential users to the concerned website through the search engine. Thus the most essential factor in a pay per click campaign is the selection of search engines. Unpopular engines will bring unwanted visitors, adding to your cost incurred and keeping ROI negligible.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the most popular ones used for PPC campaigns.

The next essential factor affecting pay per click campaigns is the selection of keywords. In pay per clicks it is the keywords that are the core of the campaign. The most popular keywords find the highest position in the search engine ranking pages increasing the ad popularity amidst high rate of conversion.

Continuous campaign monitoring and proper bidding management also help in the marketing motto. Turning a pay per click campaign profitable needs carefully vigilance and calculated strategy.

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