Mapping Customer Journey: What you need to know

By Team Logicserve

  • March 24, 2017,

If you are looking for ways to bring more value to your business and create long-lasting relationships with your customer, it is important for you to focus on how you interact with your buyers.

Designing customer mapping journey is an excellent way to understand how the people in your company interact with your customers. The map will highlight every important aspect of the purchasing process to provide excellent insights into the experience flow of the customer.

Let us try to understand the purpose of customer mapping journey and what a business should know about it.

What is Customer Mapping Journey?

A customer mapping journey is a graphic or visual interpretation of the entire story from the perspective of a customer and their relationship with a service, business, or product across multiple channels and over time.

How Can a Brand Use It?

With the help of customer mapping journey, a business can identify where and how the consumers and market can harmoniously exist together. It will provide unique information about how a business can fit into the life of a customer. Moreover, it can also be used to gain the internal consensus of how the customers are handled across multiple channels.

By describing or illustrating the customer experience across multiple channels, the stakeholders from different areas of a business can better understand a customer’s experience with the business. What they are thinking, what kind of service they are expecting, what are they doing, listening, seeing, everything can be learned with the help of the mapping journey?

What Should the Brands Know?

Despite customer journey mapping being very effective, only 34% of the companies use it as confirmed by the study. While it is believed that the maps should be elaborate to provide a better idea about the customer behaviour, several experts agree that you can forgo particular data in the initial phase.

It is important to ensure that the map has a life of its own irrespective of the internal departments or processes as the customers never really get to experience an internal viewpoint or match entirely to the task divisions in the organization. It is also important to know that journey maps can be different on the basis of the management style or customer base. However, they should all have the same purpose of illustrating how customers engage with your business.

Rather than focusing on what the business things, the map should document actual experiences of the customers that can provide you with a better idea about them and how they engage with your brand, product or service.


Understand that effective customer journey mapping is a combination of science and art. It can help you optimize your investment and create a mutually rewarding relationship with your clients. You can collaborate with your team to come up with quantitative and qualitative insights, design and strategy.

If you have never used mapping in the past, you can hire an experienced visual designer with excellent data visualization skills to create maps that are actionable and engaging. And if you are too confused with the entire process, you can also hire services of a reputed UX company which offers development and designing services. However, ensure you choose the right company or professional to get the desired result.


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