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  • November 6, 2014,

With e-commerce ruling the roost, every conceivable product (physical and otherwise) can now be purchased online. And, armed with access to social media on the palm (Smart Phones, Tabs, Phablets), customers are researching products at the speed of thought. This is also the time they are likely to place an order.

‘Selling’, as a concept has come a long way since its “travelling salesman” years. Thanks to the ever evolving marketing-efforts-reports in a measurable scale, deals are closed over smart phones and tablets before we can say shazaam. It will be a herculean blunder to ignore the power of these mobile devices in the decision making process. However, we still have a sizeable percentage of prospects who stick to traditional mode of research and purchase via Desktops, visit to the store etc, and wouldn’t want to lose on them as well.

Looks great on concept…isn’t it!!!

Elaborating the same,





What exactly is Cross Device Reporting?

It is fairly possible that someone is viewing your site/advts online are doing it via their smartphones or Tablets or other handheld devices…as against a desktop or a laptop.

Any statistical tool that gives you this specific device information, generates a report called the “Cross Device Performance” Report. This report will typically contain, view by Desktop%, Mobile%, Tablets%… and each device specific report as well.



What are the platforms that give us Cross Device Reporting?

Google Analytics


Facebook –

To view cross-device conversions for campaigns, go to your Facebook Ad Reports, click Edit Columns, and select Cross-Device on the left-hand menu –



Technical Challenges involved in revising strategy based on data from Cross Device Reporting.

Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, etc

  • Responsive nature of marketing and advertising materials, digital in nature.
  • Identify the same user across different devices.
  • To be able to track the cross-device-user engagement by the sales /support team

 Adoption and Impact of Cross Device Reporting

This is a recently introduced tracking technique, and a bit too early to assess the adoption rate. And, without a sizable adoption, it is not possible to measure the impact of such a reporting.



Mobile phones replaced the necessary to have dedicated land-line in every home. Tablets and Phablets have almost minimalized the need to use a desktop computer, and now, smart phones are getting bigger in size and in performance, are beginning to take over tablets, in size and in performance. There are several technical challenges involved in implementing marketing and advertising strategy to suit device recognition and response. However, this should not deter industry experts from making the necessary changes, because, the pros outweigh the cons.


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