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  • January 3, 2012,

LinkedIn is a website which is designed for use by professionals who wish to enhance their contacts and career prospects. As the popularity and reliability of LinkedIn increases, people can market their services and products to LinkedIn as well. The LinkedIn Marketing proves to be a more specific way or marketing especially when you can target most suitable clients enabling you to make considerable gains.

By being specific in nature, LinkedIn Marketing gives you the opportunity to target companies and clientele which could be actually requiring your services or products.  At the same time, you could target a specific location or even filter down to specific details such as age, industry, job profile and so on. This being highly specific, you can be assured of positive results while enjoying a high rate of conversions as well.  With the added advantage of choosing your targeted clientele who are already a part of the LinkedIn network, your task becomes definitely easier and simpler.

If you wish to opt for LinkedIn Marketing then you need to become its member while have an active credit card as well.  Following which you need to create an ad, choose your targeted clientele, set up a budget and the per click amount. Each click and its costing are determined through an auction style bid process before they are displayed to the desired audience.

This feature does prove to be a cost effective feature for your ads are bid with other similar advertisers who wish to share the same advertising space.  With limited audience and competition, the bid price is likely to be much lower as compared to those who wish to share the general advertising space. After all, this does mean that your ads, your spending and your target are extremely specific and cost effective enabling you to enjoy desired results as estimated by you.

LinkedIn PPC Marketing campaigns work similar to other PPC campaigns meaning you can set your daily spend, set maximum bid prices, maximum per day clicks and so on. You can enjoy the entire control of your PPC campaign enabling you to run your ads, display them and even bid them as per your judgment. The minimum PPC bid stands at $2 which some could find it on the higher side but then you need to pay for it only when the ad has been clicked. This implies if and only if your ad has been found useful by a potential client, you have to pay for it through your credit card otherwise you will have to pay nothing for the same.

LinkedIn Marketing is good option provided you wish to target specific customers and locations. In case you wish to proceed in a well planned manner with a considerable amount of dedicated efforts you can always approach a social media marketing company to undertake the task for you. The social media marketing company could be an expert and well experienced in this field while being in a better position to effectively target the required clientele for positive returns and desired results.

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