Mobile App Metrics that Marketers Must Know

By Team Logicserve

  • April 10, 2015,

Important Mobile App Metrics @LogicserveDigi

The mobile world has been flooded with a lot of apps for some time now. However, not all apps have been successful in retaining their popularity among users. Reports show that more than 25% of the users stop using the app and close to 90% even delete the app from their phone.

 These facts have compelled developers of apps to look at areas that define customer engagement so that the app has a longer life. They are looking at mobile metrics more closely than ever before to try and understand what makes an app tick.

You are well aware that to improve something, you have to be able to measure it. Mobile metrics refers to the bunch of parameters that distinguish certain apps from the others. Tracking such metrics meticulously will help you define and acquire the marketing success you want out of this important medium.
So which are the mobile metrics that you should be aware of? They are as under:

  1. The active user metric through push notifications that encourage users to become participants. Each notification sent by you should make the users engage with you more and more. They should use your app daily and more frequently. The push notifications app thus becomes a strong tool for engagement. You can even get better results from it by tweaking the language, targeting keywords and delivering it at opportune times of the day to your users. It needs to be mentioned here that it is not the number of push notifications but the quality that is of importance.
  2. Customer Life Time Value or CLTV presents you with your app earnings from any single user over the period of his usage. It also indicates the potential earning you can get when he or she refers the app to other users.
  3. The customer acquisition price or cost incurred on all sales, marketing activities to gain a user. Whether you are using organic or paid channels for acquisition, you have to take those costs into consideration and keep a track of it.
  4. The revenue per user is yet another metric that will tell you the effectiveness of your marketing as well as advertising campaigns.
  5. The session length of the app is another indicator of the productivity and preference of users. Typically a music app will have a longer session as compared to a social networking one. Your effort has to be targeted to increase the session length.
  6. The install rate or the clicks that are required on the ad towards getting the app installed is another metric you need to be aware of.
  7. Similarly, the uninstall rate is a factor that needs monitoring so that you are able to remove any bugs and carry out fixes to solve the problems faced by users that are compelling them to uninstall.
  8. The time taken for an app to launch. If this takes long, it is unlikely to be popular amongst users.

The above mobile metrics are sufficient to enable you to monitor and make informed decisions about how to effectively engage with your users.


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