Moving up the Digital Arch with Integrated Digital Marketing focused on Customer-Centricity

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 31, 2019,

The new-age connected consumers are faced with a choice explosion. What does this mean for digital marketers? To give more choices to the consumer or improve the consumer’s choosing experience?

As a brand, if you are looking to win the big share of the customer-base pie, it’s essential that you take an integrated digital marketing approach one that encompasses technology, creativity, data and analytics in digital advertising to create successful customer experiences.

Here’s why you can no longer afford to ignore Customer Experience Management:

Here are a few reasons why your brand is losing out on ROI as well as credibility by having a lackluster single-channel digital marketing strategy:

  • The Evolution of the Modern Consumer

With increasing internet penetration in India, online buyers are rapidly increasing. m-Commerce is growing at an exponential pace especially the m-wallets transactions. They are aware of the marketing and advertising efforts of brands, and they no longer trust traditional advertising – especially from big corporations and celebrities. However, they trust brands that are organic, authentic, and honest.

This means, your content, SEO, and other marketing efforts have to work together to create authoritative, authentic, and engaging content.

  • Customers trust other Customers

Do you know whom your customers trust the best? Other users of your product. The growth of influencer marketing can be attributed to this.

You need to work on digital marketing efforts that lead to the generation of customer reviews, social shares, and other user-generated content to build brand credibility and trust. Organic shares of your brand’s content increase engagement because your potential customers see other users interacting with your brand and are likely to follow suit.

  • Multi-device Multi-channel Lifestyles

This is increasingly true for customers across generations. Your brand needs to develop a multi-channel, integrated marketing approach if you want to reach out to customers who effortlessly straddle more than one channel across multiple devices.

According to data revealed by SalesForce, it was found that an average customer goes through 6 to 8 touchpoints, before they make a purchasing decision. This makes it crucial that your brand develops a unified, integrated digital marketing approach that focuses on customer experience. It’s time that your brand shifts its focus from CRM to CXM.

Customer-Centricity – Easier Said than Done

Though brands have been trying to shift to a customer-centric approach for nearly two decades now, the CMO states that only 14% of marketers believe that customer-centricity is what sets them apart.

Why do most businesses fail to figure out customer-centricity? This is because the volume, variety, and velocity of customer data are challenging for businesses to handle. While some companies don’t have the tools and technology to divide customers into segments, others lack in targeting customers with the right personalized communications.

Another huge barrier is lack of customer-centric culture at businesses. Most companies remain focused on sales, products, or services. The customer-centricity approach is only restricted to certain operations like marketing.

Businesses can move to a customer-centric approach with data-driven marketing. To provide your customers with the best experience, you need to gain access to customer insights. Enterprises realize that customer-centric strategies, along with an integrated digital marketing approach are the best way forward.

By gathering and analyzing customer data and tailoring your marketing efforts to focus on customer experience, you can surge ahead outpacing your competitors and build a brand that stands tall among your target audience.

Logicserve Digital is a new-age digital marketing and digital consulting company with offices spanning across India. They have enabled leading brands to navigate through the new-world digital marketing challenges by driving communications across multichannel platforms and devices. Their in-depth knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas have helped brands to leap forward in digital ecosphere. With the right mix of data and optimum use of technology, Logicserve has created success stories for brands across varied sectors.

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