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By Team Logicserve

  • March 26, 2015,

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With Google being absolutely stringent regarding aggressive use of SEO techniques, the year 2014 became unconventional as experts were inclined to explore the non SEO tools for marketing. Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Aron Lee, Danny Brown and Jay Bear were the remarkable achievers of 2014. And now, We’ve put together a list of outstanding digital marketing professionals whom you should follow in 2015. These professionals come with extensive internet marketing expertise and years of experimental knowledge.


Jeff Bullas


Google has revised the SEO rules. Now search engine marketing relies heavily on social media presence instead of a tricky process. Follow Jeff Bullar to learn incredible social media marketing tips, tools, updates and innovative techniques. Forbes recognizes his work and accomplishments, and ranks him as the 8th of the top 10 social marketing talents and 1st as the content marketing Influencer of the year 2014.


Kim Garst


For online marketing professionals and the overall B2B segment, LinkedIn and Twitter will be an important business promotion tool always. Boom Social CEO Kim Garst is a social media expert, who has been found to build remarkable brand identities on the social media grounds.


Joe Pulizzi


Your writing should connect and talk to the reader. Plus, you will need a promotional strategy to put it before the curious crowd. Follow Joe Pulizzi for his exceptional content marketing skills. This entrepreneur, speaker and author is really one of its kind.


Joanna Weibe


Similarly, you will also find Joanna a convincing content writing expert. She writes and manages “Copyhackers. You will find her posts extremely informative and educational.


Chad White


Email marketing will be an indispensable tool for increasing business revenue. Follow Chad to learn the unbeatable techniques through his publications. His research and annotations have appeared in USA today, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.


Ryan Deiss


His knowledge and niche expertise puts him apart from his counterparts. Follow Ryan Deiss for updates, mind blowing email marketing funnels and his overall marketing expertise.


Pat Flynn


He put a bit unconventional approach to entertain his followers. He talks about his real life successes and failures to help followers conceptualize digital marketing trends and techniques.


Darren Rowse


He is the ProBlogger founder. The power of smart blogging is the subject he talks about. His blog has lots of tips to offer regarding making money online.


Gael Breton


Follow Gael Breton and his authority website to know everything about SEO and its advantages. He also talks a lot about social media. His website has some remarkable podcasting interviews with some of the best internet marketing minds.


Ana Hoffman


The SEO industry is going to be extremely unpredictable. SEO professionals now need to keep pace with the frequently changing methodologies. Ana Hoffman shares in depth knowledge about serious traffic generation.

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