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  • March 13, 2014,
Tips for landing page in a mobile website @LogicserveDigi

Tips for landing page in a mobile website @LogicserveDigi

As search on the web intensifies, it becomes imperative to offer search friendly parameters on the website. Beginning with the homepage, and, right through the internal pages offering search relevant information is the key to enjoying better SERPs and traffic.

Gone are the days when the homepage offered link to almost every important or major section. These days, it is crucial to understand and analyze the requirements of the website visitor.

As per current search algorithms, it is not so essential to have all the keywords on the homepage, an intelligent placement of most important keywords could suffice. At the same time, you could also divert traffic from the home page using links to the internal pages.

Remember, your home page should be a reflection of your brand and thereby enhance your association with the consumer. In fact, you could offer information related to your products and service in a concise manner encouraging visitors to check further into your site. This could increase the page rank of your website as well. It is important to portray a synchronized image of your business, both online as well as online.

If you wish to work your way with lesser known or unbranded keywords, placing them deep within the website could work just right for you. This means you can have a clutter free home page. You  can explore it with other attention capturing options such as images, videos, graphics etc. Remember to make your home page and your website social media friendly.  This helps in quick and easy sharing.

If you wish to be on par with the current marketing trends, extending your presence across mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. is utmost crucial. With increasing number of people accessing websites and conducting search through portable devices, you  have to ensure your presence online.

Offering mobile friendly versions of the website helps in  increased chances of retaining older customers and reaching out to potential ones. This means you are not losing ground on account of the evolving search interface.  In fact, offering a mobile app could make you strengthen your visibility factor to a greater extent.

Based upon your analytics reports and trends you could draw up on the contents of the home page of your mobile site.  A few vital requirements include about us sections, contact us details, click to call, a section dedicated to coupon code and others.  If possible, offering videos or links to videos through the home page could be yet another way of attracting traffic.

On the overall, the home page should be enticingly designed but with an authentic look and feel. Yes, it is undoubtedly important for you to offer the most vital information on it but what counts its visual attractive factor that encourages the visitors to explore within your website and seek out his/hers required information.

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With smart SEO, your web page is more likely to be one of those top links on people’s search results. This means more people are likely to visit your site, learn about what you have to offer and take advantage of your services.

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