New Analytics On Snapchat For Better Audience Insight

By Logicserve News Desk

  • February 23, 2018,

Snapchat is trying to re-establish the platform’s position among the advertisers and influencers. This is the reason why the social media platform is creating new tools.

Now, there is a new analytics update available for the Snapchat influencers. The insights provided by the analytics should help content creators with their approach towards Snapchat. The analytics include multiple types of data to help Snapchat influencers and content creators.

Here are all of them:

  1. Total views of stories

The data on total views of the stories is now available for the creators. They can see the number of people who have seen their stories. The data will be available for every story. Plus, a creator can filter the data according to the time period. So, it will be possible to see the total number of story views in a year, in a month, and even in the past week.

With this insight, users will get the opportunity to understand the engagement growth or decline in their stories. As a result, their ability to provide more engaging stories will improve.

  1. Unique viewers

The new analytics also has the feature to offer data on unique viewers on a daily basis. Which means that the creators can see how many unique viewers have seen their story on a particular day. This data will come along with the watch time and the completion rate. So, the creator can also see the time spent by new viewers and the number of people who have seen complete stories.

This data should help the creators to understand what attracts viewers. They can learn the content demands and design their strategy accordingly for Snapchat.

  1. Viewing time

The viewing time includes a list of data related to the watch time of the stories. The creator can see this data for a year, month, past week and minutes as well. Mapping the watch time will help in monitoring the growth in the audience engagement. With that, a creator can push forward the strategy for Snapchat and get better outcomes.

  1. Audiences’ interests

This is probably the most valuable data that the new analytics has. The insights about the audiences include their interests along with their lifestyle categories. Snapchat will provide this data for the most engaging viewers. With this, a creator will become clearly aware of the likes and dislikes of the audiences. And that will become a key factor in improving engagement with better stories.

  1. Demographic insights

The demographic insights are now available for the creators too. These insights can show your audiences in multiple demographics such as age, gender, geographic regions and others. The demographic insights are there to help creators understand the groups of audiences they are influencing with their content. This way, a creator can become consistent with his or her content and satisfy the audiences.

All these insights have the capacity to change the way creators engage with Snapchat. However, it is important to know that these insights are offered to the influencers only. The logic is to provide the tools and information for the influencers who can bring more engagement with their content.

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