News : Digital Advertising space in India may reach up to $477M by 2014, predicts a study from IAMAI

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  • January 31, 2014,

A study conducted by IAMAI on the mobile usage patters of 2013, concludes projects the growth of Indian Digital Advertising space up to $477M. The report states that there has been a commendable rise from mobile users across e-commerce and digital advertising space.

Some other notable information:

  1. 39% rise in internet users over 2013 on a Year on Year basis compared to 2012 where it was
  2. The figures show that mobile consumptions dropped over the year
  3. Government has been scaling up its e-governance and m-governance activities and it has contributed to mobile usage penetration in the villages

LogicSpeak :

The report gives up a clear insight on the way forward with mobile marketing in the country. It also pin points the greater opportunities and potential that has been existing in the rural areas of the country. This can be one area to look forward to, while strategising mobile marketing activities.

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Facebook’s 53% Ad revenue comes from its mobile users reveal their Q4 earnings

Facebook crossed its half way point and now earns 53% ad revenue from its mobile users. Overall the social networking site has hit a staggering 757 million total daily users and 1.3 billion monthly users.

The boost has been triggered and pushed further by Facebook’s mobile app that supports developers to get apps outside the facebook store. Following the success the social networking site has also introduced re-engagement ads, which give an opportunity for the developers to re-target and re-connect with their consumers.

LogicSpeak :

The recent development and revenue generation activities add up to the importance of mobile targeting for paid search. The rise in Ad revenue implies that Facebook can be a lucrative platform for paid search, to connect directly with the consumers.

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