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  • December 11, 2014,

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Concurrent with the GOSF 2014, heavy promotions relating to use of mobile apps have been undertaken by eCommerce majors. Most e-retailers are not only offering mobile apps but also promoting shopping through them through ‘app’ special offers.

Through this shift, they wish to build up on customer loyalty rather than relying on online customers. In fact, Amazon has revealed more than 50% of its traffic is through mobiles. Though participating in the GOSF, Snapdeal has aggressively promoting shopping through its mobile app while Flipkart is not participating in the event but running the “The Big App Shopping Days” promotion.

Supporting this trend is the latest IMAI report that reveals nearly double the growth of mobile advertising i.e. at 14% through March 2014 as against 7% growth registered in 2014 within the digital marketing segment.

Apps offer easy accessibility to shopping sites and when coupled with offers, they are being preferred against the existing traditional advertising and online formats. Though challenging considering the small size screens of the mobiles, e-retailers are left with little choice other than to adapt to this channel.

Though not exactly a threat to search marketing, apps are likely to be preferred for shopping for daily or frequently requirements while one time purchases will still continue to occur online. What to look out for? – Adaptability of display advertising and search engine marketing in the mcommerce reality space


Both the eCommerce and mCommerce markets are evolving at an immensely rapid pace while the key players are making a dash to stabilize on both of them. What remains to be seen is how and by when the entire scene become clearer along with the existence of traditional markets

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