News : Google acquired drone maker Titan: A leap in the internet space

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  • April 15, 2014,

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The news is all over the place! Google has recently acquired Titan, the original drone maker. The aim of this acquisition is to bring internet to remote parts of the world. The drones fly well above the altitude and can beam internet signals from the space.

For Google this may be more than just a medium to spread internet in the open space. It can also be used for their mapping services. This will mean more rapid updates on Google maps and Google earth, especially if it can operate its own atmospheric drones.

LogicSpeak :

Google was looking at acquisition of Titan as a part to advance their Project Loon, to enhance its imagery capabilities. With Titan drones, it will be able to provide connectivity for long distances. Recently, even Facebook had been in talks for purchasing the drones. This signals to the web giants aiming to establish air superiority. We have to wait and watch the next step by Google and what it aims.

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Image courtesy : Online WSJ


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