News : Indian telecom subscriber base increased to 933M

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 15, 2014,

Telecom subscriber rate increases

According to the TRAI subscription report, the Indian subscriber base is increased to 933 M in March ’14 from 931.95 million in Feb’14.

The total subscriber base in January’14 was about 893.31 million. As reported in Techcircle, this shows a monthly growth of 0.11%. Some more important features that can be listed are:

  • Mobile has seen a rise in subscriber base to 1.15 million , the total subscriber number now becomes 904.51 million
  • Rural India is an emerging growth driver and has gone up to 377.73 million from 374.96 million


This is a sure trend to watch out for. Mobile undoubtedly is becoming the biggest growth driver in the online marketing space. Another growth trend that one can see is in mobile penetration in rural areas. This is definitely a space to watch out.


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