News : Instagram is now bigger than Twitter amongst the smartphone users in US

By admin

  • April 10, 2014,


Recent news surfaced stating that Instagram is now bigger in numbers of active users than Twitter on the smartphones. It now has over 200 million users; double the number of user base than it had two years ago, when Facebook acquired it.  According to an analysis by eMarketer approximately 30.8 million Americans used Twitter via their smartphones in 2013 and are expecting a rise to 37.3 million this year. On the other hand, Instagram, had 34.6 million users last year and is expected to touch 40.5 million in 2014.

Marketers are clearly supporting a winner here and blatantly stating that -Instagram is ahead. There are no clear numbers depicting Instagram’s user in India. However, people’s need for privacy has pushed them to adapt this photosharing app which is loved by Indian celebrities, too.


We see a great potential in this medium and strongly recommend everybody to be present here. In the long run the bag of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and everything else that Facebook has bought will have promising marketing opportunities for each brand.

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