News : Introducing Local languages can Increase Mobile Usage by 24pc States IMAI

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  • February 27, 2014,
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Introducing local languages can increase mobile usage by 24pc states IMAI

A study undertaken by the organisation shows that mobile usage penetration has risen to 169mn in 2013 from 122mn in 2012. The study was undertaken with support of IMRB International. Some major findings

43% non-users from rural areas have stated they will like to use internet if available in local language

13.5% of non-internet users from the urban area will use internet, if available in their local languages

In rural India, 27%of the users use Hindi followed by Marathi and Tamil.

Majority of the users across urban and rural sphere access internet through mobiles for emails, search and social networking.

LogicSpeak :

As shared earlier, mobile is the next big platform for every digital marketer. With everything going Glocal(Global+Local) mobile marketing will lead the way.

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