News : Is India on its way towards a mobile- only culture?

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  • February 24, 2014,
Mobile branding @LogicserveDigi

Mobile shopping growth @LogicserveDigi

A recent study conducted by InMobi has shared that the importance of mobile will increase immensely in the everyday life of Indians and Indonesians.

Here are a few notable points from the study :

  1. Globally, average mobile user spends nearly six hours on their mobiles
  2. 87 % of users have noticed mobile advertising
  3. 68% spent money on various activities via mobile
  4. 83% are expected to spend money on an activity via mobile

LogicSpeak :

It is clearly visible that mobile marketing is the next big way to interact and reach out to the consumer. With many social networking sites testing out third party apps, and the predicted rise in paid search will make mobiles a must use medium for marketing.

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