News : LinkedIn now opens its publishing platforms for the members

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  • February 21, 2014,
LogicNews @LogicserveDigi

LogicNews @LogicserveDigi

Is everyone looking at going the Facebook way?  Well, that is what it looks like, with the latest development by LinkedIn.

The new feature allows its members to publish content and share updates through its publishing platforms. A feature that was reserved, originally for the ‘Influencers’ is now open to its other members too.  Look out for this feature and make use of it. I t allows you to edit, post, and share content similar to other social media platforms.

LogicSpeak :

The main aim of opening up this feature seems to be for increasing engagement from end user. LinkedIn as a platform has seen a tremendous growth over the past one year. This feature will ensure that every member gets to have their say and it is on its way to become a definitive publishing platform. Are digital marketers listening?

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