News: Luxury Brands Appear Online – Towards Customer Outreach

By Logicserve News Desk

  • December 9, 2014,

Online Luxury Brands @LogicserveDigi

The availability of select product ranges across globally acclaimed luxury brands online coupled with discount offers and convenient delivery options has been an eye-opener for Indian designer labels too. Marked by their distinctness of offering the ‘designer look and quality’ products, it becomes inevitable for Indian luxury brands to consider this as a ‘wake up’ call.

In recently published IMRB report related to luxury markets in India stated that it was largely unaffected by the economic conditions and growing at a rate of 21.8% of CAGR during the past 3 years. Further, the report analysis reveals a positive outcome stating that II and III tier cities from India comprise of consumers of luxury brands who would be eager to conduct an online purchase of designer products. This could be crucial against the deep discounting trend reaching out to an ever expanding market scene which prove quite tough to tackle with.

On the other hand, customers of luxury brands can place their orders online and for further customization or interaction with designers or for after sales service, they could visit the offline stores which will be present in select top Indian cities primarily Mumbai, Delhi and so on.


Definitely, having an online presence could be yet another viable channel to reach out to customers for most Indian luxury brands and designers. At the same time, they can retain their exclusivity and service oriented approach to build up on customer loyalty too.

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