News: Mumbai’s Dabbawalas Become E-delivery Specialists Courtesy Flipkart

By Logicserve News Desk

  • April 10, 2015,

Mumbai dabbawalas e-delivery Flipkart @LogicserveDigi

Flipkart is all set to utilize the Dabbawalas of Mumbai to undertake e-delivery services too. Undoubtedly, the 120 years old Dabbawala system of delivering lunch tiffins across the Mumbai city from its far flung suburbs in the most cost effective manner has astonished many world acclaimed logistics and management experts.

Within the current scenario of tackling e-deliveries, Flipkart’s eKart has tied up with one of the unions of the Dabbawala to pick up shipments from delivery centres and deliver it across the city while on their regular delivery routine. Currently, this project is in the trial stage within the city of Bangalore catering to deliveries of shipment value less than Rs. 5000. If things go right then these dabbawallahs will be equipped with latest tracking mechanism which includes apps, wearable tech and so on.

Also, Flipkart has in place a crowd-sourcing model with verified and trained delivery personnel who can undertake deliveries as per their bandwidth. These personnel will be authorized to collect the shipment from the local merchant and deliver it to the buyer within a time span of less than five hours.

Flipkart is now attempting to work within the existing framework of time tried and tested Dabbawalas to face the increasing challenge of meeting the last mile deliveries has been nudging many e-tailers over the past few months.

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