News : Online retail market swells to $12.6 billion with about one million traders : IAMAI

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  • April 4, 2014,

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A recent study undertaken by IAMAI has shared that the online retail market has swelled up to $12.6 billion in 2013. As per the report, the key segment drivers are apparels and jewelery brands that are marketing their products majorly through online medium.

Another interesting observation is that, even though the the marketplace runs through the city centres, majority logistical management is being done from Tier-2, and Tier -3 cities. This leads to what can be termed as bridging the gap between rural and urban areas.

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This is the proof for the boom in the online marketing indusry. E-commerce is soaring high from the last year.

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WhatsApp has about 64B messages a day, Viber, Hike now raise $14M

As per the latest news in the digital market space, WhatsApp , one of the world’s most leading and popular message apps handles about 64B messages everyday. In a recent tweet, it has mentioned about 44 billion messages are received and about 20 billion are sent everyday.

Another messaging app Line, has about 400M registered users. Hike has raised almost $15M funding and Viber is now available in Windows 8.

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From this trend it looks like messaging is the new market for every e-commerce to reach out to target audience. We need to wait and see how long the trend stays. Overall, this is a good news for marketers to understand where the consumers can be easily tapped.

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