News: Ping – The New Flipkart In-App Chat Feature Launched

By Logicserve News Desk

  • August 27, 2015,

Flipkart In-App Chat Feature Launched

Flipkart, the online retail giant launched ‘Ping’ a new in-app chat feature that allows users to chat with each other, share product images, wishlists, carts, and also create groups (similar to whatsapp) with their phonebook contacts while they shop.

The idea behind launching this feature, according to Punit Soni – Flipkart’s Chief Product Officer, is to make shopping fun in real life terms by changing the otherwise isolating experience with this app.

Snapdeal, another leading online retail giant, last month also launched ‘Shopo’ a new inbuilt chat app that allows buyers and sellers to interact with each other.

According to Soni, there is a huge shift in the way people use internet since 2007, where about 41% ecommerce happens on smartphones. The number of people buying cheap smartphones has increased, while shopping and message remains the primary things they do. Among 50 million Flipkart users, about 70% of them prefer to shop on their mobile app.


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