News : Pinterest is now getting serious on revenue with promoted pins

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  • March 26, 2014,


Pinterest is looking at using promoted pins vigorously. This will help them generate revenues from this function. Venture beat has shared that in Pinterest that the consumers can pin these promoted pins the way  avid magazine readers place a slick ad on their wall.

Pinterest claims that 75% of its users are on mobile, hence the ads can be served on web as well as mobile.

LogicSpeak :

Pinterest had recently added an Indian vernacular language for reaching out to the masses. This move is all about experimenting with their business model. Overall only time will tell, how much this move will impact social media marketing.

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Facebook acquires Oculus virtual-reality goggles firm

Facebook recently announced that it has bought Oculus, the creator of 3D virtual reality glasses. This is Facebooks second acquisition post WhatsApp. With this, Facebook is looking at entering the virtual reality world with a big bang.

Facebook has paid 2 billion for the firm and it will be operating independently within Facebook.

LogicSpeak :

After getting into mobile messaging, this is their entry into virtual reality space. With A foot in social networking, another in mobile messaging and now this, it will be interesting to see where Mark Zuckerberg will be headed further.

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