News: Offers Delivery of Staple Items Across Mumbai

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 17, 2014,


Reliance Industries has intensified its RelianceFresh venture by launching the which will cater to customer requirements of groceries, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, confectionary items, personal care items along with delivery services. Currently, the delivery services will be limited to orders placed from South Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and select locations in Thane.

With the product mix almost similar to what is available at Reliance Mart and Reliance Fresh stores, customers can place their order online and enjoy doorstep delivery. Over a period of time, delivery services will be extended to more locations across the country. By offering delivery services, RelianceFreshDirect wishes to augment its customer loyalty to a great extent.

Before going public, the RelianceFreshDirect was pilot tested for one year amongst nearly 10,000 employees working at Reliance Corporate Park at Navi Mumbai.

Currently, two major ecommerce retailers viz. and take the lead in delivering fresh staples and groceries across the city of Mumbai.


Moreover with market research insights of tremendous appreciation in travel related and online sales in the near future, RelianceFreshDirect can be considered as a strategic move towards entering the ecommerce space.


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