News : Twitter plans Android lockscreen maneuver with Cover app acquisition

By admin

  • April 8, 2014,


The hottest news is the social media space today is Twitter acquiring Cover, an Android app! Cover is a screen-lock app which customises your screen with apps that you frequently use which changes with the timings and where you are. The customisation is so much in sync with your regular life that; cover throws up the apps like maps and music for your morning commute or showcase a to-do-list or calendar update when you reach your place of work. It senses your needs and brings to lock surface the right app at the right time.

With Twitter acquiring Cover app, Android users can expect a huge customization in terms of their Twitter usage. With both Facebook and Twitter buying start ups, left-right-center, it is only to be seen how things pan out and they become part of our lives.


Being part of people’s lock screen is definitely a space to get their attention, but how can you do so without annoying someone!


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