News:Alibaba looks for a partnership possibility with TATAs, to venture into Indian online retail market

By Logicserve News Desk

  • March 21, 2016,

Alibaba Looks For partnership with TATAs @LogicserveDigi

The Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba is looking to set up business in India later this year. They have approached TATA Sons for the possibility of a partnership. A person with the information about the meeting conveyed that, it might take two-quarters for Alibaba to finalise the venture if they are looking for a partnership with TATA.

It is reported that Michael Evans, President Alibaba Group and K Guru Gowrappan, Global MD, Alibaba Group met Tata Group’s Chairman Cyrus Mistry to talk about partnership opportunities.  There is a possibility that the discussion could have covered various aspects others than online retailing, such as offline stores, Omni-channel marketing support etc.  There is an assumption that Alibaba could have also approached other big ecommerce companies in the market.

Industry experts feel that TATAs brand value can give Alibaba the necessary boost in the initial stages of setting up the business in the country.

As per a Morgan Stanley Report, Analysts expect the online shopper penetration to reach 20% by 2017. This could be a great opportunity for any organisation looking at tapping into India’s ecommerce growth.


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