News:Haryana Government develops e-commerce linkage schemes for MSMEs.

By Logicserve News Desk

  • April 29, 2016,
e-commerce linkage schemes for SMEs @LogicserveDigi

e-commerce linkage schemes for SMEs @LogicserveDigi

This initiative will help the MSMEs scale up their efforts with lower investments in human capital, thereby reducing their overall costs.

The Scheme will form linkages for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises through e-commerce linkages, which will support not only in building the brands but also in trading online.  This inclusion of digital commerce can help SMEs scale up their business with effective cost cutting options, especially human capital.

The focus will be on generating employment, increasing the quality of the services/ products with e-commerce’s support.  This can lead to higher revenue generation.  A workshop will be conducted to bring exposure to the SMEs about e-commerce models.


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