Online Ads – Not Really An Interruption For Users

By Team Logicserve

  • January 30, 2019,

Ads have become an integral part of the new-age digital marketing. It is an easy way to deliver promotional content and brand messages to the consumers in the online space. Considering the heavy usage of online channels these days, marketers are not wrong to treat these channels as the best way to reach out to the target audience for branding and marketing activities. However, with so many brands and marketers trying to use the online channel for their activities, users might find these ads intrusive and might want to opt for ways to stop viewing these ads. Installing an ad blocker is one way how some of the users avoid viewing the ads. But, do consumers really use this a lot? Well, that was what we asked in the survey last week.

Let’s have a look at the results and figure out how’s the usage of ad blockers among the respondents.

The results are very clear from the chart above. 80% of the respondents do not have an ad blocker installed while there are some of them (20%) who have the software installed. Guess the online ads aren’t really considered as an interruption by the users. They are open to receive the communication from brands and advertisers and know about them. This is surely a good news for marketers as they can target the online users and spread their brand message efficiently. However, we shouldn’t forget about the ones who do have an ad blocker installed for various reasons. Not being able to target these set of users having an ad blocker installed can definitely lead to a drop in the revenues generated through online sales. Considering the numbers, the situation is not very bad yet as there are many users who are still open to viewing the ads. Marketers can continue running the ads innovatively to reach out to audiences and make the most out of the online channels. We might just need to work on ways to connect with those users who install ad blockers and gain their trust so that they don’t find the ads annoying or interrupting. Till then let us just wait and watch if the numbers change over time.

Well, we’ve done a lot of talking about the online ads now. Let’s move on to the next question. This week we want to know about the purchase behavior of the users in the digital age. Our question is ‘Where did you buy your last mobile phone?’.

Please share your responses here.

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