Online Reputation Management of Individual or Small Businesses

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  • July 27, 2009,

Speed has become the order of the day especially with advancement of technology, marvelous things are happening at every moment. The onset of Internet, followed by the wireless technology has led to people accessing the Internet through mobile phones and other wireless interfaces. This feature enables people to stay connected with each other while passing a small bit of information to thousands of people all in one go. This is very likely to happen when people are dissatisfied with their experience related to a product or service.

A trend of posting consumer reviews has been observed and even encouraged by many special review websites which allow you to post comments of all sorts. Most received comments relate to experiences at restaurants, theaters, night outs, malls and related places. Disgruntled people are very much likely to post their reviews on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, review sites – city search using their cell phones as a means to vent off their disappointment and anger. Meanwhile, when a third person uses the same channel to check out a particular restaurant or theater, he can easily bump across the negative opinion or review which is very likely to change his mind about visiting that particular place. And so the chain continues endlessly that too at an unimaginable pace.

Online reputation is something which you cannot ignore for long as internet market is here to stay. It is not possible at all times to please everyone and grudges and misgivings appear on the scene for no apparent reason, you need to act on them swiftly and efficiently so as they do not adversely affect your business. You need to be very proactive in this aspect nevertheless.

Regular visits to social networking sites helps, what more you could locate additional information of your business and its reputation by using various other search engines rather sticking to one. It very does pay to embark upon a detailed search using other search engines too.

On any count, you should always use the same site to send your point across and in too in well phrased manner. Your customer relations skills have to perform to their level best as you stand in your place and put forth your viewpoint while appreciating the review or feedback. But a judicious use of words is what matters and counts. Your post is definitely going to influence other viewers who are likely to visit the page apart from the reviewer to whose post you are responding.

Though online reputation management firms are gaining a market place these days, this business is at quite an early stage of inception. They assure you an effective campaign and do their level best to clear the client name to a great extent.

Reputation can be rated as per the reviews received and hence if you notice a trend of negative reviews, you definitely need to take it up seriously and check out the reasons for being so. It could be a prejudiced employee or ex-employee, a faulty customer service or even a policy decision which is creating this confusion. You can always counteract this trend and get things set in the right way by rectifying the situations or decisions as the case may be. But be sure to act in time in the right direction or else you will be left way behind in the race.

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