Optimise your Google Plus Page for More Interactions

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  • October 23, 2013,
Optimise your Google Plus page for Google @LogicserveDigi

Optimise your Google Plus page for Google @LogicserveDigi

Google Plus forms the 2nd largest network that helps people in connecting daily with others where the number sums up to around 500 million with a major of them having a Gmail account and a miniscule percentage of them have yet to become a member of the Gmail family. Still, the fact remains that Google Plus has become a key player in online marketing.

Google Plus has been striving to set up its own unique identity … a distinct one on the lines of Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook are enjoying.

How should one go about optimizing the Google Plus page?

  • Have posts which have content slightly bigger than a Facebook post or a tweet but shorter than a regular blog post.
  • You could even insert keywords and make it search engine friendly.
  • The use of hashtags at appropriate places makes the post even more interesting.
  • Above all, make sure the post is catchy and likeable
  • Integrate the “+1” button into all pages and content inside a website to make it even more shareable.

As per the current market trends, posting images and their reviews across the Google Plus network is increasingly preferred.

In fact, clicking on the +1 tab to share an interesting post or image is willingly done for instant sharing.


A strong Google Plus profile will enable you to build a good page rank for the products you are promoting. The additional booster will be content rich posts for the product.

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