Own A Local Business? You Ought To Get the Best Out of PPC

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  • November 2, 2012,

Own A Local Business

Are your products and services meant only for local audiences? If yes, you surely need PPC to help you out. But, why would you do that? While you are out there trying to get some serious attention of potential customers, your competitors will be busy doing the same. With paid search, your local business turns out to be much more targeted, thereby bringing you and your competitors on the same page. So, how to you make the most out of PPC that will help your business to show up right at the top? Just follow a few simple tips and you are all set to bring in some serious ‘moolah’.

Set the target right

In a test run by a bunch of PPC experts, it was found that ads featuring location in the headline will either perform good or worse than the one that is currently on top. In most of the cases, the ads resulted in a much better conversion rate and a lower CPC (Cost Per Conversion). Only in one out of nine campaigns, the normal ads tend to generate a better conversion than the ones that include the location. So, what’s the bottom-line? Emphasize your locality and you are sure to get the best.

Get that traffic

Now, if you plan to advertise only with a specific location, there is a problem you need to deal with – a lack of traffic. No matter how genuine your intentions are, at times you simply fail to get the desired amount of traffic that can sustain your business. However, this doesn’t mean you get nothing out of Pay Per Click. All you need to do is just branch out into different channels of PPC. Facebook turns out to be a serious traffic driver for local business. LinkedIn is another effective tool especially for businesses offering corporate services. Though a bit expensive, LinkedIn can offer the best results to those who know their customer’s demographic well.

Remarketing can help

Another great way of attracting local traffic is remarketing. Remarketing (or commonly known as retargeting) is an effort made to attract customers that did visit the advertiser’s website, but no conversion was obtained from the same.

Use Call Tracking

Lastly, if you are ready to spend a few extra bucks, you can set up a call tracking system. If the visitors like your ad and intend to know more about what you offer, they are sure to call up. However, it is important you get started early, while you are still struggling with a few conversions. This will help you nail down the exact keywords that compel the visitors to call up. You can then focus on including only those keywords that generate a better conversion.

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