Pay Per Click Advertising

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  • March 21, 2008,

Pay per click advertising

Why pay per click advertising?

Pay per click advertising is an effective and affordable means of search engine marketing. It is a fast and measurable form of advertising available in today’s market. It has the ability to directly drive the targeted audience to your site.

As an entrepreneur looking to optimize your search engine, it pays to take the services of an Internet marketing firm. The experts of these firms are aware of top search engine demands and will consider these for improving on-the-page and off-the-page factors for your website.

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per click advertising refers to internet advertising/marketing where you are pay only if your ad is clicked upon. PPC advertising is different from pay per impression. In pay per click you are charged for very click made on your ad whereas in pay per impression you are charged for each ad/page view. Google Ad Words is the most popular PPC advertising system.

Pay per click advertising involves bid analysis and tracking, keyword selection, loading or editing the campaign data, monitoring the results and proactively making changes to optimize the campaign. Client reporting also forms an essential pay per click advertising task.

How is pay per click advertising beneficial?

Fast response time and flexibility makes pay per click advertising a lucrative marketing tool. Benefits of pay per click advertising can be summarized as

  1. Pay per click advertising is a potential and cost effective form of advertising to small business organizations. With carefully chosen parameters, pay per click advertising helps these small companies display their ads above any of the bigger national/multinational enterprises.
  2. It can be implemented fast and has immediate response time. Pay per click ads respond faster to changing market demand or marketing strategies. This allows the budget to be changed, increased / decreased or paused, almost instantly.
  3. The immediate response time and its ability to handle businesses of all sizes make it cost effective. Flexible budgetary/bid changes make it a cost effective campaigning process.
  4. A tracking code in the website allows the pay per click ads to be measured in terms click-through rates and cost per click. Tracking the number of visitors and the cost per conversions helps to quantify the benefits through pay per click advertising.

Why use a pay per click advertising agency?

Like any commercial advertising event, pay per click also requires a set of skilled professionals who with their expertise transform a non-performing campaign to a highly effective one. An Internet marketing firm provides a realistic assessment of the pay per click advertising benefits and guides you through all aspects of it like budget optimization, target keywords etc…

How much does pay per click advertising costs?

The cost of a pay per click advertisement is influenced by various parameters.

  1. The target market – The lesser competitive or static market the lesser it costs. A more competitive and evolving market would require a higher investment in terms of bids as well as involve different analytical tools to assess the ad rating. This increases the ad cost relatively.
  2. Website design – A well designed website which is easy to navigate and is search engine friendly results in low advertising cost. Such websites have high return on investment but low investment cost.
  3. Website content – Poor quality content has a negative affect on your ad. It attracts a good amount of unauthorized visitors and thus the task of search engine optimization increases. This in return increases the maintenance of the ad.
  4. Additional Internet marketing services – Additional services like website redesign, website maintenance, and search engine optimization, significantly increase the advertisement cost.
  5. Frequency of reports- Frequent or detailed pay per click reports has a higher cost. Customizing the reports for each client takes longer time than analyzing or tracking a particular campaign. This effort of detailing eventually increases the cost of pay per click advertising.


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