Pay Per Click – Measurable ROI

By admin

  • March 31, 2008,

In Pay-Per-Click type of Internet marketing the advertisers pays an amount every time their ad is clicked by a prospective customer. This is also known as the click-through rate (CTR); both of these are integral part of web optimization.

Pay per click marketing is lucrative and measurable in terms of return of investment ROI. There are various methods of quantifying the ROI in PPC marketing. One important tool is tracking user actions like buying product, requesting a brochure/newsletter or even more information. This explains the users who have only viewed a page and those who have actually turned into clients. This also helps in calculating the number of sales against spending.

There are no strict rules in pay per click advertising or marketing and with extensive online tools available to optimize Internet marketing, measuring the returns is a simple process. The true measure of a business profit is the piling order request transforming to orders and subsequently getting the aimed revenue.

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