Pinterest Adds Fifth Specialty to its Pinterest Marketing Partners Program

By Logicserve News Desk

  • June 20, 2018,


Pinterest has been making multiple moves to enable better ad serving and higher ROI from its social media platform. Taking one more step towards this aspect, the platform added a new specialty within its PMP (Pinterest Marketing Partners) program. Right now there are five specialties that marketers can choose from:

  1. Advertising
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Audiences
  4. Measurement
  5. The newly launched ‘Creative’ specialty

In addition, it has taken its tally of total PMPs within all specialties to 51. There are two new ones added this week

  1. Hootsuite (for content marketing PMP)
  2. Smartly (for advertising PMP)

The following “Creative PMPs” are now supported in Pinterest

  1. The Online Studio
  2. Popular Pays
  3. QuickFrame
  4. Social Native
  5. Shutterstock Custom
  6. Vidsy
  7. Vidmob

The main aim of the new specialty is simple. It uses these applications to create stunning Pins that aid in the brand recall value and customer engagement objectives of a company. These partners can be leveraged to create pins that stand out from the crowd and attract higher visibility which in turn, improves the ROI from the social media platform.

With this development, companies can spruce up their branding efforts by getting access to numerous copywriters, videographers, graphic designers, and content creators.  In turn, they can build brand engagement solutions on Pinterest that achieves the twin goal of better insight generation along with high degree of creativity in the ads served to its target market.

What does it mean for PMP partners?

Regarding the choice of PMP partners chosen for ‘Creative’, Pinterest believes that these partners know which creative medium works best for the target users of this platform. They also know how to add an extra layer of ‘authentic’ when brands connect with their users on Pinterest.

For the PMP partners, this update comes as a positive sign for them. Pinterest is a visual discovery medium and it makes total sense for creative agencies to sign up on its PMP platform. This way, they can harness their creative talent to drive engagement and ad performance on the image content platform. The PMPs will give advertisers access to as many as 10,000 creative content creators, and this will be sure to boost the brand stickiness on the platform.

Why the need for another PMP category?

It is estimated that nearly 90 per cent of weekly Pinterest regulars (at least one pin on their wall) use the platform for making purchase decisions. Additionally, as much as 78 per cent of users find the content on the platform useful. This signals a world of opportunity for marketers to leverage. Hence it might explain the addition of the ‘Creative’ category to its list of existing PMPs. Also, this is one of the last remaining categories needed by advertisers to make their branding messages truly resonate with the users on the platform.

How are you going to utilise the Creative PMP for your Pinterest marketing campaign? Do write to us and let us know your views.

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