Playable ads drive 20x more installs than banners, Small businesses pivot towards artificial intelligence, Google unveils advanced algorithm for improved search efficiency & More…

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  • May 3, 2024,

1.Playable ads drive 20x more installs than banners

Liftoff, a growth acceleration platform for the mobile industry, has unveiled its sixth annual Mobile Ad Creative Index. [Source: Marketing Tech News]

2. Small businesses pivot towards artificial intelligence

Businesses are hailing AI as a beneficial resource that could transform their operations and help unlock new applications. [Source: Digital Marketing News]

3. Google unveils advanced algorithm for improved search efficiency

The main goal of the enhancement is to effectively manage and interpret vast amounts of data, providing users with more refined search results and optimizing overall user experiences. [Source: Digital Marketing News]

4. Bot Traffic and how it Impacts SEO and Website Growth

This article will explore the interplay between bot traffic and SEO to help you gain insight into precise analytics, and prepare your website for the ever-evolving landscape of digital interactions. [Source: Digital Marketing News]

5. New AI-powered Iterable features help brands cut through the noise

Customer engagement platform Iterable says it can help brands rise above all that noise.The company is announcing several AI-powered capabilities at its annual Activate Summit. [Source: Venture Beat]

6. Meta Unveils New AI-Powered Ad Tools at NewFronts 2024

Meta has announced a range of new ad tools at NewFronts 2024, including improved creator search for affiliate campaigns, multi-destination product ads for Reels, and more. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Amazon releases Q chatbot for all businesses, upping the stakes in the generative AI race

The tech giant has been selling its AI chatbot as an automated assistant that can help businesses develop software and field employee questions. [Source: The Drum]

8. AnalyticsIQ launches predictive solution to unlock consumer marketing preferences

AnalyticsIQ, a provider of predictive people-based data, is excited to announce its latest innovation in marketing data and analytics: ChannelIQ. [Source: Marketing Tech News]

9. Snapchat Announces Generative AI Features, DM Editing

Snapchat has announced a slew of new features, with a focus on generative AI, as it seeks to keep users engaged and connected in the app. [Source: Social Media Today]

10. Google’s DeepMind creates ‘Gecko’, a rigorous new standard for testing AI image generators

In research released on the preprint server arXiv, they introduce a fresh approach called “Gecko” that promises a more comprehensive and reliable way to benchmark this blossoming technology. [Source: Venture Beat]

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