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PPC Spam and Frauds

By admin

  • April 1, 2008,

While you are busy planning new pay per click marketing policies, there could be unauthorized users in control of your campaigns, running your business for their benefit.Such users like to invade into your account by burying their own keywords and ads in your domain without changing your settings and budgets. Well, the trick is to run their ads quietly under your account; making you pay for every click and reaping all conversions themselves.Another objective of such users is to place all kinds of expensive keywords into your account and increasing the budgets as high as thousands of pounds per day. The motive is to get as expensive clicks as possible at your cost.Regardless of the challenge there are preventives against a prospective fraud threat:

  • Have a weekly keyword report checking for all keywords across all pages
  • Figure out unfamiliar ads if any, through ad reports
  • Keep a check on your spend
  • Install Spyware and anti-virus to detect frauds
  • Change your password frequently and don’t quickly respond to password verifying enquiries.

 A little caution and alertness can add to the smooth sailing of your pay per click advertisement

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