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  • November 1, 2013,
Mumbai Trends @LogicserveDigi

Mumbai Trends @LogicserveDigi

In today’s world social media forms an important aspect of everyday life. Seeing the popularity of Twitter, brands have taken  to this medium for active engagement with consumers. Hashtag is the most powerful tool of Twitter, that can be used for increasing brand engagement. One of the many ways to get your brand presence noticed is by having contest that have ‘trending hashtags’. The moment a contest trends, more followers actively engage with the brand and know about them.

Before we get there, lets know that any word prefixed with the sign ‘#’ is a hashtag. Talking about Twitter Hashtag trends, Couponraja, an online coupon aggregator with 1020 plus follower base recently hosted Twitter contest #PehchanKaunByCouponraja which was trending across India and was well received. The followers have shared their joy in being a part of the contest.

Over the period of time, it has embarked up on a host of engagement activities including couple of quizzes at regular intervals which are trendy and have been met with a tremendous response and engagement results.

In the #PehchanKaunByCouponraja Twitter contest followers had to identify/guess online merchants which were represented through graphics/ images. #PehchanKaunByCouponraja, was truly interesting enough to engage those interested in shopping and saving money.

Here are a set of factors you should consider to get your twitter hashtag trending.

1. Keeping the hashtag simple and easy to remember

Though #PehchanKaunByCouponraja was hosted for a very short period of time, up to 500 tweets and retweets were recorded which can be considered a sizeable number considering the 1000+ follower base. In fact, hashtag #PehchanKaunByCouponraja was trending across India for a couple of hours of since the contest was opened.

The hashtag was simple to remember and easy to use. This worked as a boosting factor and registered it easily in the minds of the followers.

Throughout the contest, existing members were encouraged to share the hash tag within their group and as many tweets as possible where gathered. There were new followers who expressed their wish to participate in the contest and were allowed to do so.

2. Innovative and eye catching content along with brain teasers

Pehechan Kaun @LogicserveDigi

The engaging part of the #PehchanKaunByCouponraja was the use of graphics and images to guess the most popular online merchants. Most of the followers loved the guessing game and tweeted in large number as they went about it. It was an activity which was preferred by the followers who are avid online shoppers and identified with the merchants quite easily.

The catchy part of the content was the guess work required on online shopping merchants with whom they were already familiar and would have loved to shop with them if given a chance. With most of the Twitter followers quite active across other social media networks, instant sharing of this contest was accelerating enough to attract new participants to the #PehchanKaunByCouponraja

3. Adding the right kind of incentive for engaging followers

During the #PehchanKaunByCouponraja, followers were required to identify names of online merchants who were represented through trendy graphics and images, an activity which proved very interesting enough for them. Guessing the names of merchants and tweeting their names proved to be quite exciting for a change.

#PehchanKaunByCouponraja gave away a couple of shopping vouchers free. What better engagement factor could be offered to the participants other than free vouchers for shopping online?

4. Time zone of the participants

Keeping in mind the young trendy and eager shopping enthusiasts’ follower base, the 12 noon to 6 pm time slot was taken for running the contest. By this time, most of the followers were quite well settled within their daily routine and able to devote a couple of minutes on off and on basis to the #PehchanKaunByCouponraja contest.


In Twitter, it pays effectively to engage followers by choosing the most trending topics. This takes the ‘user-brand’ connectivity to the next level of engagement.

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