Prime Day Sales: Ultimate Guide to Maximize Sales in 2023

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  • July 11, 2023,

Prime Day, the highly anticipated global shopping extravaganza, is approaching fast. It’s time to take your sales to new heights and enhance your brand’s performance. In this blog, discover the essential activities to master before and during Prime Day to ensure a successful campaign.

Pre-Prime Day Activities:

1. Get a Head Start: Initiate your advertising efforts at least one week before Prime Day, targeting trending, high-volume, and high-conversion rate keywords to captivate early shoppers.

2. Create Prime Day Deal ASIN Coverage Campaigns: Create dedicated campaigns to highlight your exclusive Prime Day deals, ensuring maximum visibility for your discounted products.

3. Target High-Rated Products: Focus on campaigns that specifically target products with a rating of 4 stars or above, leveraging positive customer reviews to build trust and boost conversions.

4. Promote New ASINs: Generate traction for recently launched products within the last 30 days by creating dedicated campaigns tailored to these ASINs.

5.  Re-engage Shoppers: Set up remarketing campaigns that go live on Prime Day, capturing the attention of window shoppers with a look-back window.

6.  Optimize Budgets with Drona: Allocate budgets at least three times higher for campaigns with a budget utilization above 80% and an ROAS greater than 3, using Drona’s automated bid and budget rules for streamlined management.

7.  Maintain Stability: Avoid significant campaign optimizations two days before and up to three days after Prime Day to ensure stability and avoid disruptions.

During Prime Day Activities

1. Stay Alert: Monitor Out-of-Budget (OOB) notifications and make necessary budget adjustments to keep your campaigns running smoothly throughout Prime Day.

2. Enhance Visibility: Ensure your advertised deal ASINs are prominently displayed on top-of-search (TOS) slots for trending keywords across multiple pin codes, driving depth and attracting potential customers.

3.  Optimize Sponsored Brand (SB) Campaigns: Feature deal ASINs as the top three products on the SB banner to capture attention and encourage engagement.

4.  Adjust Bids Strategically: Monitor competition and visibility of your deal ASINs on TOS slots, adjusting bids to stand out and maintain a competitive position.

5.  Leverage Peak Traffic Hours: Be aggressive with your bids and budgets during peak traffic hours, such as 11 PM-2 AM, 9 AM-10 AM, and 7 PM-10 PM, capitalizing on high shopper activity.

Optimization Tools for Success:

1. Drona: Amazon’s advertising automation platform streamlines bid adjustments, budget management, and real-time campaign optimization for maximum visibility and conversions.

2.  Amazon Pi: Leverage Pi’s valuable insights into customer behavior, trends, and campaign performance to identify opportunities and refine targeting for optimized results.

3.  Amazon Brand Analytics: Track sales, monitor product performance, and stay ahead of competitors with Brand Analytics, making data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategies.

4.  Listing Quality Dashboard: Enhance your product listings using the Listing Quality Dashboard, rectifying any issues and enthralling customers with polished and optimized content.

Prime Day 2022 in India shattered records, generating over ₹5,400 crores in sales, a 67% increase from the previous year. The event attracted over 100 million visitors to Amazon’s website and witnessed 5 million app downloads. With plans to expand further, Prime Day promises a bright future. Electronics, home & kitchen, fashion, and grocery were the top categories, with leading brands like Amazon Devices, Apple, Samsung, and Sony. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai topped the list of cities driving sales

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