Programmatic Advertising: Adding Value to Your Buck

By Logicserve News Desk

  • March 23, 2020,
programmatic advertising

Digital advertising has evolved from the simple “spray and pray” approach. Today, businesses small or big, are investing in programmatic advertising for its focused targeting approach. The added value of being able to track every rupee spent, automated execution, and ability to modify the campaign based on real-time data are variables that have digital marketers relying heavily on programmatic marketing.

However, is programmatic advertising giving the business the bang for their hard-earned buck? Let’s explore…

Reaching the right audience, at the right time

While the traditional digital advertising campaign simply meant putting up an ad on online platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads, programmatic advertising means understanding which type of audience is driving your revenue, and targeting your ads at them.

You can choose your audience based on their demographics, interests, online behaviour, geographical location, kind of device used, and even the time that they usually are online. For example, if you’re in the online fashion business and sell baby shoes, you can set your programmatic buying to include advertising to users aged 24-32, located in Mumbai & Delhi, only between 9 p.m-12 midnight on Fridays-Sundays. Why? Simply because your analysis of your audience shows that it is urban women most likely new mothers in the child-bearing age that shop for shoes late on weekends after their chores are over. You can set your ad bids to focus on this profile.

Regardless of the kinds of programmatic advertising platforms you are using, even your CTAs are more effective and see conversions as you are targeting the audience at the right time of the day, a time when they usually make their purchases.

So, instead of spending let’s say, Rs.1, 00, 000 on reaching 1,00,000 online users, you are now spending the same amount to reach to 1, 00, 000 online users who are most likely to buy your business’ product or service. This adds considerable value to your ROAS.

This basically means that you are getting more than what you’re investing with programmatic advertising.

Seamless ad buying and campaign management

Value can also be seen in terms of time and effort saved, too. With programmatic advertising, time-consuming tasks such as bidding in real-time for impressions is automated through the AI. However, the digital marketer still needs to conduct routine maintenance, monitor the performance and analyse the results of the campaigns to make modifications.

With time and effort saved, plus getting more returns on your investment, programmatic advertising is definitely one of the most effective and efficient ways of digitally advertising. It is challenging yet rewarding, and allows the team to focus on more dynamic tasks such as assessing and upgrading ad campaigns. For businesses, it’s getting the most out of their marketing investment.

It’s a perfect win-win.

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