Programmatic For Branding: A Crucial Marketing Tool

By Logicserve News Desk

  • April 19, 2018,

Programmatic ad buying is the use of software to acquire digital advertising. Usually, the process of acquiring digital advertising is done by human negotiation and manual insertion orders. But with the digital revolution, it is increasingly being automated.

Over the past couple of years, it has brought about a new change in online advertising. That is why it is so crucial for companies to implement this into their marketing mix.

E.g. Hilton hotels stranded traveller campaign serves real-time location-specific ads based on fight cancellation data in airports. It serves ads to frustrated travellers if they are stranded at a particular place after their flight is cancelled.

How is it better than traditional methods?

Before programmatic ad buying, the trade of digital ads was done by human salespeople. This proved to be costly and inaccurate. Programmatic advertisement technology guarantees to create an efficient and economic ad-buying system, thus eliminating humans from this process altogether. Human work can prove to be inefficient due to a wide variety of reasons such as illnesses or maybe some personal issues. With machines, all these problems won’t be a hindrance.

Does this mean machines will substitute humans?

Well, not entirely. Using programmatic in place of humans does not mean it is one versus the other. What the company is trying to achieve will always remain the same. It’s just that the need for efficiency when it comes to branding is higher with less room for error. The modernisation is in the “how” of it all. That is where the disturbance is happening, and the need for accuracy arises. Over time, programmatic is being looked at as an intensely powerful tool in the world of marketing.

So how will programmatic make a difference to a business?

Programmatic advertising is seen as a conversion driver due to which it is possible to achieve highly effective targeting possibilities. Given below are a few ways to take your branding to the next level using programmatic:

  • Putting the spotlight on top-bottom and bottom-top audience approach

As it is, programmatic is excellent at targeting the right audience. In marketing, however, it needs to be more client-specific. Top-bottom approach basically means keeping the client in mind, targeting the audience that visits competitors websites, thus helping you narrow down the target audience.

The bottom-top approach is basically picking the target audience and selecting and setting the budget accordingly. Utilising modern day techniques: the dynamic market is forever coming up with new techniques to find the best marketing mix. When a brand chooses to implement new features in its marketing techniques that is when a brand will be able to use programmatic to utilise its full potential. Double Click’s custom target audience feature lets you use a unique mix of keyword targeting, URL targeting and app targeting to build a powerful audience segment.

  • Devote resources to creative development

It is crucial to be open to the idea of new supplier relationships and test out new ways of performing regular advertising. One should always keep in mind that creative development is a dynamic process and the brand should be up to date with its processes.

In conclusion, programmatic will prove to be the future of advertising and effective branding if utilised to its full potential. It is certainly an amazing tool for branding.

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